Growing List of Accomplished Supporters of Troy (More To Come)

Lisa Rawlings (Wife, Mom and A Real Wonder Woman) 

Scott Burns 

(Former Executive Director NDAA - National District Attorney's Association in Washington DC & Iron County Attorney) 

  • As an experienced prosecutor and defense attorney myself, and having been Executive Director of the NDAA's 39,000 plus prosecutors, I am familiar with District Attorneys across the nation, including Troy Rawlings. I know him well. We have interacted on policy matters, legal issues and cases. Troy is nationally recognized and the gold standard of what a professional prosecutor should be. Utah and Davis County can be proud of that fact. - Scott

Craig Black (Local Police Chief)

Wayne Hansen (Local Police Chief)

Allen Swanson (Local Police Chief)

Sol Oberg (Local Police Chief)

Todd Hixon (Local Police Chief)

Greg Butler (Local Police Chief)

Bill Chilson (Local Police Chief)

Craig Webb (Investigations Bureau Chief)

Ken Eborn (Local Law Enforcement Leader)

Christopher Allred (Weber County Attorney) 

James Swink (Cache County Attorney)

Mark Altom (Davis County Treasurer)

  • I have been very impressed with our Davis County Attorney Troy Rawlings. He has shown his ability to utilize County funds in a responsible and frugal manner. In addition I have observed his determination in taking on tough legal tasks and pursuing them for the betterment of Davis County residents. Troy is the Candidate I will wholeheartedly support and recommend for re-election. - Mark

Curtis Koch (Davis County Clerk - Auditor)

Bud Cox (Former Davis County Sheriff)

  • Troy Rawlings is one of the most honorable and respected men I know. He has achieved a huge amount of success during his tenure as Davis County Attorney. He not only has the public’s interest at heart, but also victims, public safety, and Davis County as a whole. His Office, under his direction, has a large part in making organizations like the Children’s Justice Center, Victim Advocacy, and Drug Court function efficiently and effectively. And, that is in addition to making sure prosecution cases flow smoothly through the legal system, personally prosecute cases, and lead a full staff of attorneys and clerks. Troy’s experience is as close to irreplaceable at it can be. Because of my personal interaction with Troy Rawlings as the Davis County Attorney, and myself as Sheriff, I can full heartedly endorse Troy Rawlings for Davis County Attorney. - Bud

Richard Maughan (Davis County Recorder)

Mark Langston (Davis County Information Systems Director)

Jon Bronson (Senior Vice President Zion's Public Finance)

  • As one of Davis County’s financial advisors I would like to compliment  Davis County Attorney Troy Rawlings for his ability and desire to make Davis County a better place to live and raise a family. His strengths in the legal arena are unmatched and his ability to use County allocated funds surpass expectations. Troy and his staff have helped make positive decisions on the use of County Funds. I strongly recommend Troy for re-election as your Davis County Attorney. - Jon 

Max Elliott (Davis County Surveyor)

  • Troy has received  awards and recognition from Party leaders, County leaders, State leaders, National leaders, and many other organizations for his integrity, judgement, and leadership in exercising all areas of his legal responsibility. I give my 100 percent support for his re-election as your Davis County Attorney. - Max

Steve Hiatt (Former Mayor of Kaysville)

Bob Stevenson (Mayor of Layton)

Brad Wilson (State Representative)

Michael Gailey (Mayor of Syracuse)

Jann Farris (Morgan County Attorney)

Dale Peterson (Davis County Assessor)

Pamela Lindquist (Author and Investigator)

Scott Sweat (Wasatch County Attorney)

Carol & Pete Page (Carol - Former Davis County Commissioner; Pete - Auto Dealership Business Owner)

  • I worked closely with Troy during my tenure as Davis County Commissioner and can heartily give my support for his re-election as your County Attorney. I worked directly with him in his oversight of the Children’s Justice Center and can testify of his care and leadership in doing everything possible to protect our children. - Carol

John Petroff (Fomer Davis County Commissioner)

Louenda Downs (Former Davis County Commissioner)

  • Troy Rawlings is well known and respected for his strength, knowledge and backbone. He is an excellent leader who is making sure the right things happen for Davis County.  - Louenda

David Cole (Chief Deputy Davis County Attorney's Office)

Jim Talbot (Mayor of Farmington)

Brett Anderson (Farmington City Council)

Becky Edwards (State Representative)

Mark Shepard (Mayor of Clearfield)

Randy Lewis (Mayor of Bountiful)

Myke Crowder (Christian Life Center)

Stewart Barlow (State Representative)

Len Arave (Mayor North Salt Lake)

Steve Handy (State Representative)

Jerry Stevenson (State Senator)

Ken Romney (Mayor West Bountiful)

Erik Craythorne (Mayor West Point)

Joe Johnson (Former Mayor Bountiful)

  • As Mayor of Bountiful for many years I had the opportunity to observe and work directly with Troy Rawlings. He has the stellar character and qualifications that we need as our Davis County Attorney. Troy has made Davis County a safer and better place to live for all. Please support and re-elect Troy as your Davis County Attorney. - Joe

Don Salazar (Chairman United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce / Owner CTI Construction)

Chris Crowder (Layton Christian Academy)

Ron Yengich (Elite Utah Attorney)

Carl Hurst (Private Investigator) 

Todd Utzinger (Legal Defenders Director - Elite Utah Attorney)

Richard Mauro (Executive Director Salt Lake Legal Defender Association)

Edward Brass (Elite Utah Attorney)

Scott Williams (Elite Utah Attorney)

Julie Curtis (Retired Senior Adult Probation & Parole Supervisor, Detective and Metro Narcotics Agent)

Anthony Johnson (Business Owner and Utah Board of Juvenile Justice Vice Chair / Chair Elect)

Lesa & Tom Page (Lesa - Former Davis County Clerk; Tom - Retired But On-Call Electronics Tech HAFB)

Curt & Lois Hoskins (Curt - Former CPA Deloitte, Former Exec VP Utah Power & Light, Former President El Paso Electric)

Ted Tueller (President Tueller's Press)

  • As a business owner in, and long time resident of Davis County, I have watched with interest the accomplishments of Troy Rawlings. He has been tough when toughness is needed and shown compassion and a caring attitude when required. He understands the issues of the day and his experience and insight have earned him a reputation as a voice of reason and reliability...even other municipalities in the state turn to him because of his expertise. It's comforting to know that a person with his talent manages the law enforcement aspects of our county. - Ted

Larry & Sue Denham (Larry - Retired Senior Vice President Zions's Pubic Finance) 

Carl & Judy Allen (Carl - CPA & Retired Former Internal Auditor & Chief Deputy Davis County)

Dawna & Brad Anderson (Dawna - Davis County Clerk's Office Staff)

Greg Skordas (Elite Utah Attorney)

Ray & Cathy Nash (Cathy - Davis County Animal Care & Control Office Manager; Ray - Long Term Private Business Owner)

George Diumenti (Elite Utah Attorney)

Brad Stone (Davis Park Golf Director)

Dustin Volk (Valley View Golf Director)

Steve & Jenell  Rawlings (Steve - Retired Davis County Clerk / Auditor; Jenell - Retired Business Manager; Yes My Parents)