Davis County Attorney's Office - Outstanding Relationships with Law Enforcement. Ask Police Chiefs.

The Davis County Attorney's Office has an outstanding, vibrant and trusted relationship with the law enforcement agencies in Davis County, as well as the State of Utah. The relationships are based on earned mutual respect. To protect this community, we also work regularly and well with federal agencies such as Homeland Security, ICE, DEA, Treasury, ATF, United States Attorney's Office - D. Utah, the FBI and others as needed. 

Please contact our office, me personally, or your local Police Chief if you have any concerns about  things you may hear, or have heard, from my opponent or the Davis County Sheriff. We will provide truth, based on fact and evidence. Our office has a solid professional relationship with the great deputies and investigators in the Sheriff's Office. Together, we regularly obtain justice and fair results for victims and the community. 

In addition, far more cases come from your local city police department. The Sheriff does not have primary jurisdiction in cities, unless by contract. As a result, The Davis County Attorney's Office receives far more cases from your local city police department. We interact in a productive professional manner with all police agencies and even provide training. Please check me on this by calling your local Police Chief and asking directly. 

Some of the cooperative joint ventures we are an integral part of include The Child Exploitation Task Force (we lead it), The Child Abduction Response Team, The Davis Metro Drug Enforcement Team, The United States Attorney's Office SAUSA Prosecution Team, The State Wide Association of Prosecutors, The Utah Prosecution Council, The Crisis Intervention Utah Program, The Utah Prosecution Assistants Association Board, The Utah Association of Counties, The Utah County and District Attorney's Association, The Brady - Giglio Evidence Panel and more, including working with legislators and members of the community.

A Great New Day Of Professionalism, Integrity And Competence In The Elected Davis County Sheriff Is Dawning - Welcome Kelly Sparks. Arnold Butcher Is Also A Man Of Integrity And Courage Who Stood Up To Sheriff Richardson's Bad Behavior Inside DCSO. 


Todd Richardson - Good Bye. Would The Outgoing Davis County Sheriff Endorse A Candidate To Lead That Office (Sheriff) Who Just Barely Graduated From Peace Officer Training (POST); Who Has No Executive Or Personnel Experience; Who Has Never Been On The Road; Never Handled A Case Of Their Own; Or Never Made An Arrest? Of Course Not. So Why Did He Do Just That In The County Attorney Race? Because, Along With Both Civil and Criminal Division Attorneys In Our Office, The County Auditor And Human Resources, We Stood Against His Illegal Acts, Ineptitude And Misconduct. Todd Richardson Prefers Someone That Can Be Bullied Or That Will Cover For Him And Have His Back. We Have Your Back And Saved This County Multiple Times From His Antics.

My staff and I have an outstanding working relationship with Sheriff Elect Kelly Sparks as well as with almost all in the current administration. We will work closely with the new Sheriff, as we have in the past. In fact, on my "Supporters" page, you will see a statement of strong support from former Sheriff Bud Cox.